Hand-crafted open-source JavaScript framework for rapid game development.

Hand-crafted for Jamming

Collider.JAM is an awesome framework that has emerged from game jams and ideal for rapid-paced development by small creative teams or individuals.

Collider.JAM is simple and fun to use.

Clean code

No Boilerplate. No imports, exports, loads...

No class hierarchy is imposed by the framework.

Just put files in convention folders and Collider.JAM will mix it up together!

Flexible Development Pipeline

Use favorite editors and tools.

Collider.JAM doesn't enforce an IDE upon you.


One codebase - multiple targets:

  • Web
  • Desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Mobile (Android and iOS)

  • Use it for...

  • game jams and game prototyping
  • indie game development
  • hypercasual games
  • creative programming
  • learning JavaScript
  • and more...
  • Free and Open Source

    Sources are available on GitHub.

    Distributed under zlib license.

    Try it and have fun!
    npm install -g collider.jam